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Want to be Popular in 140 Characters?

140 characters. That’s all you have. Twitter, while sometimes daunting, is a very useful social media platform when it comes to growing your business. A few advantages include the fact that it is free, allows you to target potential customers, provides you an opportunity to become expert in your field, and most importantly- it is immediate.

So, how do you make the most out of your 140 characters? Hootsuite, a social media scheduling application, recently analyzed the best-performing of their past 5,000 Tweets and formed these 7 Lessons to create popular Tweets:

Lesson #1: Humor
People like to be entertained. Provide an entertaining and tasteful thought and you will drive engagement. Keep it tasteful, non-offensive, and make sure your brand’s voice and character is in line with what you are posting.

Lesson #2: Pictures Perform
As learned by Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscar Tweet, including a picture can have quite an impact!

Lesson #3: Quote it
No more excuse for writer’s block when it comes to Tweeting. Hopefully, the material you are trying to share is interesting information, and what better way to get the reader excited about the content than taking a snippet of it and sharing that!

Lesson #4: Avoid Click-bait
Yes, we all want our followers to complete our call-to-action in our Tweets, but we can’t trick them into doing it! If you are promising something in your Tweet, make sure when they click on the link, you fulfill that promise.

Lesson #5: Content is King
Know your audience and know what they want to read about. It must be informative, compelling, and fresh in order for them to read it and then share with their networks.

Lesson #6: #Hashtags help
Hashtags are useful in categorizing content in a cluttered social media world. It is a way to connect with people that have similar interests and passions. They are also helpful in finding content and finding your ideal audience.

Lesson #7: Look forward
Always be ahead of the game. Provide useful and new information to your audience and you will slowly develop “leader” status in your industry.

**See for yourself: plug in your Twitter handle to see what your top tweets are!

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