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Top (Stellar) Brands of Last Year


It’s crazy to think about the incredibly large amount of brands that exist in today’s world. It’s nearly impossible to think of anything that isn’t associated with a brand! With this highly competitive market that we live in today, there are definitely a few brands that stick out in people’s minds more than others. (We will reveal who those stellar leaders are at the end of this, but first lets talk about WHY brands become so well known and what makes them so great?!

Forbes came out with a “Top 7 Characteristics of Successful Brands” that is a great starting point. Instead of reading that whole article, we’ve summarized it here:


I challenge you to treat this chart as less of a “lesson” and more of a “checklist.” Go through this list with your team and see where your strengths and weaknesses are and work on improving those!




What are the TOP BRANDS OF 2014? The wait is over and here is your list:



Do you agree? Are these the brands that come to mind when you think of leaders in advertising? These brands range from food, to home improvement, to technology, to vehicles! Interesting findings are that Amazon, YouTube and Netflix—all online brands with media streaming services—topped the list!


The three highest-ranking brands tell a story about consumers and how they consume media migrating to more of their lives online, explained Ted Marzilli, CEO of YouGov’s BrandIndex. “With Samsung, Apple [and Google] also on the list, [the data] emphasizes that technology is so pervasive in our lives that people identify with the technology choices they make,” he said.


While it is important to focus on your own brand in your own industry, it is always helpful to take a step back and see what the “Big Guys” are doing. You never know when and where an inspiring idea will come! And who knows…maybe YOUR brand will be on this list next year!


Need inspiration? We’re here for you.


Source: Adweek

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