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The Key to Acquiring Customers, Starts with Your USP

“What is the reason I (the customer) should do business with your company?” … “How are you any different than the other companies out there?” Do you have solid meaty answer to these straightforward questions?

I’m sure your company offers quality and superb service, and so does every other company. So what makes you different? What we are talking about here is called your USP…your Unique Selling Proposition.

Having a powerful USP will allow you to quickly answer these frequently asked questions from you customers:

  1. What is unique about you?
  2. What separates you from your competitors?
  3. Why should I choose to do business with you instead of someone else?
  4. Why should I even care about what you do?

Not sure how your company is unique or how to articulate it? Here’s are a few areas to start brainstorming with:

Are you unique because of…

 The Buyer you Serve

Are you zeroed in on a niche? Examples: certain age, income level, gender, companies with a certain software, people with a rare health issue, or even certain sized companies.

 Your Product/Service

Do you offer a service in an industry of products? Or a product in an industry of services? Is your offering unlike any other?

 Your Unusual Angle

Do you offer an unusual level of quality (with proof to back it up?), do you have a crazy successful track record? Are you promising a certain outcome?

 What your product/service does NOT do?

These are called “negative promises” where consumers are used to receiving a bad outcome with your product/service. Examples: doctor’s help without office visits, no pain, no wait time, no automated phone system, etc.

 Time Frame offered

Can you guarantee results in a specific time frame? This is extremely powerful and eye catching when your time promises are clear and specific. Did you know: the brain processes numbers faster than written words- see if you can utilize numbers in your USP!

 Your Product/Service Guarantees

We have all heard it, “or your money back…” as cliché as it sounds, it is comforting when a company can guarantee a certain outcome and believe in it so much they will offer a benefit to you if they don’t deliver.


Having a great USP goes further than equipping you with answers to challenging customer questions. It gives life to your marketing. Not only are you now advertising your company, but you are sharing a message and giving the audience a reason to listen. Without a powerful USP, you’re just making noise.


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