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The Importance of Landing Pages

Why is it important to have a landing page? And what even is a landing page? Isn’t my homepage the same thing as a landing page?

The sole purpose of a landing page is to force your site-visitors to take action, whether you want them to join your mailing list, make a purchase, or to click through to another page. Landing pages collect important information through a capture form, allowing you to convert your visitors into leads, and ideally sales.

Here are a few valuable tidbits about landing pages:

  • Landing pages allow you to offer your potential client something in return for giving you their information. It becomes a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • When you have your visitors directed straight to your homepage you miss the opportunity to capture their information and to turn their visit into something useful for you, which should be the ultimate goal of your website. Landing pages solve this issue.
  • Landing pages differ from homepages because all distractions are typically removed. No fluff, twitter feeds, unnecessary images or useless buttons. Landing pages limit or omit outside links and navigation menus, forcing your visitors to make a decision or complete a call to action (such as filling out the capture form).
  • An effective landing page will also immediately show guests why your product or service is beneficial to them, creating a desire to enter their information and proceed.
  • One last benefit of the landing page is a dialogue with your visitor is immediately opened. After they fill out the form, you can then send them to a thank you page where they can redeem your offer, or you can quickly send a “thank you” email. Remember, they initiated the relationship so it is okay to follow up.
  • It’s a good idea to have multiple landing pages for your site. The more landing pages you have, the more opportunities you have to generate leads.


We hope this has cleared up any confusion of landing pages, their purpose and their effectiveness. Hype Strategic can help you design effective landing pages. We’re always here for all of your marketing needs!

Source(s): OP-ED Marketing, Hubspot

Guest Writer: Deven Bhagwandin

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