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Creative Consulting

The foundation of Hype Strategic is “Creative Consulting.” We take the time to listen to your goals and expectation, and then build a branding and marketing plan around that.
Where does your business need to be? Our “Thought-driven Design” and business-minded approach means that you get more than just a sexy-looking, logo; you get a brand that separates you from your competition, and connects and engages with your audience
brainConnecting the left and right hemispheres.

Our Services

  • Creative Consulting

    Whether you need a logo refresh or a full brand evaluation, we bring decades of experience and our “Thought-driven Design” approach to make sure that you’re not only getting great creative ideas, but also communicating to your target audience in an effective and engaging way.

  • Brand Creation

    Our record of decades of award-winning brands speaks for itself. We specialize in creating captivating brands from the ground up. For us, aesthetic beauty is just the minimum requirement. We make sure that our brands do more than just look good – they communicate, too. Our mantra of “Thought-driven Design” has led to the creation of our unique brand analysis process, meaning that every aspect your brand is targeted at your audience with your message.

  • Marketing Strategy

    At the end of the day, a brand is only as good as the exposure it gets. That’s why we put together strategic marketing plans to make the biggest impact possible. Our unique brand analysis process uncovers not only who your audience is and what you’re trying to communicate to them, but also your overall goals. We then use that information to formulate a long-term plan to reach those goals, as well as manage your marketing campaign’s monthly PR, social media, and advertising efforts to help carry you to across the finish line to success.

  • Custom Design

    Our “Thought-driven Design” process is perfect for all types of marketing projects. From websites and brochures, to videos and online ads, we always make sure that you stand out from your competition and attract the right audience.

Award-winning Talent

Consulting Services

  • Brand Direction
  • Top-level Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Process and Marketing Coordination
  • Messaging
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Management

Design Services

  • Custom Brand Creation
  • Corporate Identity
  • Web and Mobile
  • Print Design
  • Advertising
  • Video & Motion Graphics
  • Photography

Marketing Services

  • Print Advertising
  • Online Advertising and PPC Management
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Video and Viral Campaigns