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Ready or Not, Here Comes OTC!

In just 11 short weeks, the annual Offshore Technology Conference will return to NRG Park in Houston, Texas, from May 2 to 5, 2016. Now is the time to start asking your team how you will not only stand out from the other 2,770 exhibitors, but how you will make this conference worth the money you will be spending to exhibit?


Here are 5 “Must-Do’s” to make your OTC exhibiting experience worth your while:


  1. Shout it Out Loud: So you’re exhibiting at OTC…a big deal to you and your company, but does anyone else know you’re going to be there? Now is the time toshouting make some noise and tell your clients and potential clients about your upcoming presence at OTC. Give them a reason to care about your booth: are you going to release a new product? Announce a new innovation? Or maybe run a demonstration of how your unique tool operates? Brainstorm a “newsworthy” announcement that gives your audience a motive to stop by your booth. Ways you can effectively communicate this news to your audience: e-mail blasts, press releases, social media notices, direct mail, promotional items, etc.


  1. Utilize Every Inch: Marketing budgets are something to appreciate. One company may have the monetary ability to construct a 2-story 100×100 square foot space, while another company might only have a 10×10 space to work with. boothIn both cases, every inch matters and must be put to good use. This doesn’t mean overcrowd your booth with unnecessary things to fill the space. We are suggesting you have purpose in every word, every image, and every display you have. View the layout, navigation, and information through the eyes of an outsider. Can they tell who you are, what you do, and why you are different simply by glancing your direction?


  1. When in Doubt, Use Imagery: Did you know that “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed in the brain at image60,000 times the speed of text”?* This is a fancy way of saying that pictures and videos are way more effective and appealing than text when it comes to a quick interaction (aka: people walking past your booth at a crowded tradeshow). This applies to your backdrop, banner stands, walls, TV screen, etc. Now is the time to ask yourself: “Does my company have high quality images or videos depicting our products/services?” If the answer is no, it’s time for a photo shoot!


  1. Interact and Engage: It’s the 21st century people…you are no longer bound to PowerPoint slides and handouts. The ticket to obtaining customer attraction is interaction. People like displays that allow them to engage (play a game, touch screenparticipate in a touch screen display, witness 3D digital animations, etc.) Use these “fancy” technologies as an alternative way to communicate your offering to your potential customers. The more “innovative” your booth, the more credible you look to an outsider. Start thinking of ways to WOW the passerby. Can’t think of anything related to your product or service offering? Try hosting a networking event offsite or in your booth!


  1. Give them what they want: Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on promotional items that strangers grab for their kids back home. You want your giftbrand to be exposed an industry professional, not a teething 4 month old. Promotional items aren’t dead. The concept of spending little and handing them to everyone and their dog might be. Try researching an appropriate (and useful) promotional item for your company, spending around $5 each for about 200, and only hand them out to customers that are showing actual interest in your business. You will spend less, and the money will be put towards actual potential customers.



Need a quick checklist to prepare yourself for OTC 2016? Here you go:


  • OTC Contract for your Booth
  • Services set up
  • Booth Display
  • Booth GraphicsGreen-Check-Mark
  • High Quality Photography
  • Website with Landing Page with OTC booth information
  • Email Signature with OTC booth information
  • Social Media Announcements
  • Press Release About Upcoming Attendance
  • Email Blast Organized
  • Interactive Display (TV/iPad)
  • Printed Collateral of Products/Services
  • Sales Team Uniform (professional shirts with logo)
  • Lead Collection Device
  • Promotional Item
  • Organize Network Events (Invite only) offsite or in your booth


Overwhelmed? Hype Strategic can help your company make this the best OTC exhibiting year yet!


Good luck and happy OTC!


*Source: Hubspot

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