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Portfolio Category: Branding & Design

Markle Luxury Jewelers

[title_box title="Markle Luxury Jewelers" custom_class="about-title1"]Markle Jewelry was looking to differentiate itself from the other Houston-area jewelry stores. We found that the retail jewelry space was saturated with people trying to compete on price, positioning their product as a commodity, even though it’s a luxury good. In order to separate them from the crowd, we changed...
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Ranch Hand Truck Accessories

[title_box title="Ranch Hand Truck Accessories" custom_class="about-title1"]After decades in business, Ranch Hand found themselves in a common position. They’d experienced great growth, becoming one of the largest distributors of after-market truck accessories in the country, but their brand was severely outdated; no longer representing the company they actually were or the broader customer base they were...
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Career Plaza

[title_box title="Career Plaza" custom_class="about-title1"]Staffing Firm, Career Plaza, was looking for a logo and brand that would communicate it’s core messaging - “The Place Where Opportunities Meet.” The idea was to visualize people meeting together (as in the town plaza), and then leaving with a better life opportunity, created by Career Plaza’s recruiting staff. There was...
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