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Ranch Hand Truck Accessories

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Ranch Hand Truck Accessories

After decades in business, Ranch Hand found themselves in a common position. They’d experienced great growth, becoming one of the largest distributors of after-market truck accessories in the country, but their brand was severely outdated; no longer representing the company they actually were or the broader customer base they were going after.

The basic plan was to create a unique modern brand that still connected to their core audience of pick-up truck owners that saw themselves as rugged and outdoors-y (even if only on a weekend warrior basis). The first step was to create a color palette based on a bright orange that not only represented “strength” and “energy,” but was also unique in their marketplace, meaning they could “own” that color in their consumers’ minds – becoming as instantly recognizable as the metal tags on the front of their truck grills.

After a custom photo shoot that encapsulated the ideal lifestyle of a typical Ranch Hand owner – one full of big skies and open fields – we built the brand around textures of outdoor silhouettes and a lean, bold uppercase font that gives the entire aesthetic a sense of strength and sturdiness, while also being clean, modern and full of energy.

This brand won the Business Marketing Association’s (BMA) Award of Excellence for “Overall Branding.”

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