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Markle Luxury Jewelers

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Markle Luxury Jewelers

Markle Jewelry was looking to differentiate itself from the other Houston-area jewelry stores. We found that the retail jewelry space was saturated with people trying to compete on price, positioning their product as a commodity, even though it’s a luxury good. In order to separate them from the crowd, we changed Markle’s position in the opposite direction – playing up the “Luxury” aspect of their stores.

With that in mind, we rebuilt the brand from the ground up, starting with a color palette inspired by luxury goods – rich browns based on antique furniture and fine leather, along with a bright blue that hints at Tiffany’s famous color. This creates a subconscious connection to a higher level of customer service and overall lifestyle.

With the brand refreshed and elevated to a higher level, we then created an ad campaign that bucked the trend of local jewelers showing a series of product shots with prices next to each item (commoditizing their offerings), and instead tied Markle Luxury Jewelers into the memory of a particular moment, paired with emotionally charged photography focused on a single piece of jewelry. When integrated into the rich and elegant brand aesthetic, it creates a powerful design, and an emotional connection to the brand.

This brand was selected as one of the top 5 brands by the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) 2013 Crystal Awards.

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