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Career Plaza

Staffing Firm, Career Plaza, was looking for a logo and brand that would communicate it’s core messaging – “The Place Where Opportunities Meet.” The idea was to visualize people meeting together (as in the town plaza), and then leaving with a better life opportunity, created by Career Plaza’s recruiting staff. There was also a strong need to be seen as friendly and inviting.

Using our Thought-driven Design Process, we came up with the basic idea of a group of arrows converging together at a central point. By using negative space to outline these arrows, it also created a group of outgoing arrows in positive space. This tied back to the core idea of leaving with a better opportunity than you arrived with. After choosing a bold, bright color palette that felt both friendly and energetic, we brought it into the 3D plain to feel even more modern and forward-thinking.

These elements were also used through the online and print collateral to further push the fundamental brand promise.

The end result is a brand that’s both friendly and current, looking to improve the lives of its candidates.

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