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Hype Strategic is Here!

Logo_1Welcome to Hype Strategic, the newest endeavor from award-winning creative consultant and marketing strategist, Patrick McDonough.

So…why “Hype Strategic”?

Hype Strategic was born out of my desire to create something more than a typical design firm. As someone that’s not only spent that past two decades building a portfolio full of award-winning brands and marketing initiatives as a creative director, but also as a multi-company entrepreneur and Inc 500 member, I’ve developed a pretty unique skill-set. There are a lot of talented design firms out there, but very few of them understand what it’s like to run a high-level business. The motivations, desires, goals, joys, and yes, the headaches, of being an entrepreneur bring something different to our branding and marketing efforts – understanding. I understand that you’re investing money into a marketing campaign because you expect to get more out of it. I understand that spending money on something as nebulous as “marketing” can be scary. And I understand that your future goals are relying on our success.

We’re basically “Extreme Makeover: Brand Edition”

My goal for every client is to make you a rock star. We’re going to uncover what sets you apart from everyone else in your marketplace, and then build your entire branding plan, from the ground up, around that, until your competitors can’t compare apples-to-apples anymore. I want an entire client portfolio of oranges.

Design without thought is just decoration

Real design is meant to communicate. This is a philosophy that’s ingrained in my heart and soul. My mantra has always been “Thought-driven Design,” because design without thought is just decoration. No matter how pretty your brand looks, if it’s not communicating something, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect and engage with your audience.

Because of that desire, we take the time to uncover your goals before we start a project. For me, every one of my clients is a partner. That’s why we’re a “Creative Consulting Firm” – I don’t want to just be the guy that built your website. I want to be your partner, making sure that every dollar you spend has a goal attached to it. What are your objectives? What are your expectations? And with that information, we can ask ourselves “What would I do if this was my business (and spending my money)?”

The new site has plenty of information about our unique process to turn you into an “orange,” as well as examples of past successes, so take a minute or two to see what Hype Strategic is all about. And feel free to hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or email if you have questions about your own marketing projects, or just want to talk about what we do. Cheers!

– Patrick

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