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Is Print Advertising Dead?

Is print advertising dead, you ask? Well, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! 


However… it has changed with the times.


In the past, print marketing was the #1 way to reach a targeted audience, whether through magazines or newspapers. Now, of course, some of us don’t remember the last time we’ve picked up a book, newspaper or magazine. There are children these days who’ve had a phone in their hand since they were 9 and a laptop given to them by their school when they’re 13. I sometimes wonder what they would do in a doctor’s office when they see magazines laid out on the table?


Off the top of my head, I can give you about five excellent reasons why print advertising is still relevant, will stay relevant, and could possibly make a huge comeback in the near future. With respect of your time and attention, let’s narrow our focus on simply magazine ads….


 It targets a specific audience.

Go back to my doctor’s office reference from a minute ago. Sure there might be a few children’s magazines and tabloids laying around to keep people busy, but if you really look, a lot of the print media will be targeted towards the medical field. You’ll see ads for new medications, health advice brochures, health insurance brochures, and the like.


Since the early days of advertising, one of the great things about print is that it’s perfect for getting the word out about your product or business to your target audience. If you sell hair products, advertise in a hair magazine; if you sell knives, advertise in a food or restaurant trade magazine.


And remember, the 55+ audience isn’t online as much as the younger crowd.


 It’s Personal.

Potential purchasers pay for subscriptions to magazines they prefer to read. They keep them in their offices, in their lobbies, or recommend them to friends and colleagues.


Print is also something tangible in your hand, which is conducive to deeper and more relaxed reading. Online media is meant to be skimmed over, usually read for no more than 15 seconds.


 It Gives your company credibility.

Subscribers tend to trust content from the magazines they subscribe to and they form deep loyalties to the trusted content. This includes ads placed in those magazines. Yes, customers even enjoy reading ads in magazines. A study done by Dynamic Logic in 2012 showed that consumer purchase consideration from print ads in magazines was almost double that of television ads.


 It Lasts a Long time.

Here’s an example of what I mean. In my Dad’s garage, he has issues of his chemical engineer’s trade magazine from 1977, the year Star Wars was released.


Print is still a great way to establish brand identity.

If you do the first four right, consumers begin to recognize your brand as a leader. Target the right audience with trusted content and consumers will see you as first amongst the competition.


We can all agree that there are MANY marketing venues to utilize when it comes to sharing your message. The more you do, the more waves you will create. When it comes to print advertising, just remember- it is NOT dead…It is simply up to you to capitalize on it’s lasting, targeted, and credibility-building powers.


Guest Writer: Deven Bhagwandin

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