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Is Paying for Professional Photography Worth it?

Do It Yourself (aka: DIY) has become a popular trend in recent years. Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself? It’s an economical option and can turn out rather wonderfully in some situations! We are all about empowerment and growing your skill-base; however, it is important to note that it is not always in your best interest to skip the professional service to attempt something on your own.

I’ll stop beating around the bush and get straight to the topic of discussion: Is paying for a professional photographer worth it?

 Our response? YES.

Of course, our response comes with a (short, yet hopefully informative) explanation. The importance of photography is dependent on the situation. In businesses, photography might mean a little more when you are in need of images to put in your widely distributed corporate brochure verses an image that will be used for the internal monthly newsletter.

We are (mostly) all walking around with impressive iPhones in our pockets that have cameras with 8-megapixel iSight cameras built in (not to mention autofocus, 2.2 aperture, an incredible lens, and many more extraordinary accessories). With these mini and very capable devices, it is natural to have the confidence to turn down professional photography to take pictures on your own to use for your highly important business marketing projects…but trust us, you shouldn’t.

This article from The Verge is a very great reference for showing the differences between iPhone photography verses a professional camera. While, the iPhone pictures are definitely not bad, in some instances the pro camera simply captures the true feeling of the scene in a bolder and more aesthetically pleasing way.

Take a look at the differences in quality and lighting of the following scenes:

 NOTE: Professional camera on the LEFT & iPhone on the Right

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.42.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.42.04 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.41.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.41.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.40.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.41.01 PM  Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.40.19 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 2.40.06 PM


So….while we could carry this discussion into a lot more depth, we will simply leave it at this: Professional photography comes with a price, so think about if your particular project is worth the extra dollars to leave a lasting impression on your audience…oftentimes, you will find that it does!

Convinced and want to book a photo shoot for your business? Let us help.

SOURCE: The Verge

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