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Increase SEO on a Tight Budget

We are talking about SEO again, because, let’s face it- it is kind of important. And to some, it can be confusing. The main purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to help a website increase it’s ranking in a search engine.

But… in order for IT to help YOU, YOU have to help IT.


Here are 4 tips on increasing your SEO…without breaking the bank:

1.) Be Social


Social is taking over, if you haven’t noticed. Social mediums include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, etc. An important note is that social PRESENCE is not what increases your SEO ranking results…

“Activity and sharing on social channels leads to increased visibility and links, and links lead to higher rankings.”

Be active, post relevant content to the audience you have. Need ideas on posts that attract an audience? Learn how to be popular.


2.) Communicate

It’s all about engagement. “Impressions” are no longer “impressive,” but we have started to care more about “likes” and comments and social INTERACTION. If you are an established company that people already know about, pay attention to any mentions you receive on blog articles, websites, social pages, etc. and comment back to your audience! People love companies that have a voice. Whole Foods does a great job at this…

whole foods

Not yet at the point of having a loyal “following?” Reach out and engage with others! Provide a benefit, give a shout-out to a relevant company or recent client, and give them a reason to follow you. There are plenty of other ways here.


3) Be a Content Creator


As mentioned in a previous blog article, everyone is a content creator. Make your content CONTAGIOUS and write with that goal in mind. That was the goal for this blog article, and look- you are reading it right now- goal accomplished. Blogs are key and basically say to Google “Hey! Look at me! I am posting relevant and informative content every week! I am an active website! Give me attention!” Just like we don’t enjoy sitting in stagnant air, Google doesn’t enjoy stagnant websites and won’t give them any attention.


4.) Don’t Forget About PR


One key tactic to gaining in SEO is inbound links back to your site. That has never changed, and probably never will. It is always a great thing. Think press releases, articles, case studies, etc.

“Produce valuable content related to your industry with keywords used appropriately and tagged efficiently on your webpage to establish the brand as an expert in the field.”

In order for this method to help you, you have to BE BOLD. What I mean is, reach out to local newspapers, relevant industry magazines or online news sources. Make your content known and seen. Don’t be lazy and expect your company to be found eventually…get out there and demand attention!

*No one said SEO is easy. Of course, it helps if you have a large budget to pour into paid SEO tactics, like Google AdWords, Social Media paid ads, Banner Ads, etc. But, we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, and sometimes you have to show results before you can earn an increase in your marketing budget.

Need more help on these tips we mentioned? Don’t be afraid to contact your friends here at Hype Strategic.

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