Reduce Labor Costs while Increasing Productivity with Tally-Rite

The state of the oil & gas industry has caused every company to take a step back and

The state of the oil & gas industry has caused every company to take a step back and evaluate current processes and personnel. A common and sometimes necessary reaction is to decrease labor. The ideal outcome would be to decrease labor costs, while ensuring that productivity and quality of processes remain the same or improve.

Scan Systems understands this situation and its affect on the OCTG industry. The need for tallying products remains and current conventional pipe tallies require at least 3 direct laborers and usually a collection of office personnel for the paperwork as well as laborers used for assembling. Our goal when Scan Systems came out with the Tally-Rite in 1987 was to provide customers with the fastest and easiest possible way to create accurate tallies while eliminating as much of the associated direct labor as possible. Not to mention, eliminate natural human error while increasing production and profits.

This labor reducing benefit comes into play more now than ever before. Our portable Tally-Rite units require only 2 people (not 3) to tally your tubing, thus immediately reducing your direct labor costs for the process by 1/3. Our Tally-Rite unit counts the pieces, measures length, and displays cumulative total of the pipe string all by the click of a button.

Since 1988, Scan Systems has been committed to furnishing our customers with the most convenient and efficient means in the industry to tally OCTG products. The key is to provide products that can help in the good times, and the bad. Pipe tallies are one of the most costly and potentially one of the most damaging of all services you provide for your customer if they are incorrect. Save money, save labor, and ensure accuracy by using the Tally-Rite.



  • Add 120 tallies in 55 seconds
  • Record a joint every 1.5-2 seconds without pad and pencil
  • Automatically upload tallies to your computer
  • Tally a truck load of tubing in less than 10 minutes with 2 people
  • Tally with one person in the time it takes to walk a length of pipe
  • Specific Tally Products: TR-2000, WinDump-It, TDS, Tally-Lator