One of the toughest tasks for an EMI unit operator can be interpreting and locating the signal from a pipe flaw. Having an alternative view of the data can be beneficial in determining a pipe’s condition.

Scan Systems sought to create an easy, intuitive display that not only made it easy to illustrate where pipe flaws were located, but also provided additional information on the characteristics of the flaw.

Their solution to this task was to create a flat view of the pipe’s circumferential surface, and then apply a heat map-style interface to the data, where flaws show up more intensely than the surrounding surface. This “Intensity Viewer” clearly shows the shape, placement, and characteristic of flaws across the pipe’s surface, and allows adjustment of the heat map to potentially assist in the calibration of pipe that generates a high level of noise.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make our client’s jobs easier and more efficient.” said Matt Rutledge, Vice President/General Manager of Scan Systems. “This visualization provides the most information in the most intuitive way, and ultimately makes for more accurate inspections and faster prove up.”

As part of Scan Systems’ PITCO M-series with ESP upgrade, the intensity viewer continues their tradition of innovating EMI inspection features.





In this screenshot, the pipe’s flaws are clearly visible as red areas within the Intensity Viewer.

Scan Systems Provides the Most Accurate ID/OD Discrimination and Circumferential Location in EMI.

Through the passionate pursuit of advancing inspection technologies, Scan Systems has developed an EMI system that can not only report the linear location of a longitudinal flaw, but also the circumferential location, and whether it’s on the ID or OD surface of the pipe.

Historically, EMI inspection equipment was limited to reporting the linear location of a potential flaw. Though a few manufacturers would discriminate between ID and OD indications, the reliability of the methods utilized made the reporting less than accurate. Through significant advancements made in both sensor technology, data collection methods, and sophisticated software algorithms, Scan Systems’ latest ESP upgrade to the PITCO™ M-Series EMI Inspection now provides the inspector with a level of accuracy never seen before in EMI inspection of OCTG material, saving valuable time during the prove-up process.

This combination of advanced hardware and software provides the circumferential location, and can report on multiple flaws on the same plane and ID/OD location in degrees of probability, enabling the inspector to quickly perform proper prove up of the flagged joint.

“We have the experience and talent here at Scan Systems to provide our customers with truly exceptional technology,” says Vice President/General Manager Matt Rutledge, “Our goal is to set industry expectations to the highest possible levels.”

After more than 30 years in the industry, Scan Systems continues to advance the industry with an intense focus on the R&D efforts designed to benefit the non-destructive testing community.

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