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April Fools Marketing- All Jokes Aside

Holidays aren’t going anywhere. You know when they are going to happen each year, what they represent, and a general insight into how the public responds to them. Christmas is December 25th, Valentines is February 14th, Halloween is October 31st, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, and April Fools is April 1st. These are...
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Break the Block

Apparently, when asked to name the scariest thing he encountered in his life, writer Ernest Hemingway didn’t speak about the times he fought bulls in Spain, or hunted in Africa, or fought as a war correspondent. His answer- “A blank sheet of paper.” Writer’s block is a real thing. It can happen while trying...
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A Blog About Blogs

  Blogs are a great marketing tactic to build your business. As a matter of fact, they are a CRUCIAL tactic that you should look into immediately if you haven’t already. Why? Hubspot has come up with pretty compelling reasons on this one… 1.) SEO: Every time you write a blog post, it's one more indexed...
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