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Branding Versus Marketing


Branding is Marketing and Marketing is Branding, right? WRONG.

This is a common misconception and we are here to set the record straight. It all comes down to one phrase..

“Branding is BEING and Marketing is DOING.”


Let’s start with Branding:brand

Every person on this planet has a personality. Whether you want it or not, you have one. It is who you are to your core, and there is no faking it. Other people get to know you andbegin trusting you by getting familiar with your personality. Similarly, every business has a brand. Your brand is your company’s “personality” and the only way you are able to stand apart from the competition. Specifically, this is your company name, logo, images, color scheme, keywords, and overall look and feel.


Marketing on the other hand…marketing

Marketing, as mentioned above, is the DOING. If branding is your business’s personality, then marketing is the exposing of that personality. Nobody will know you exist if you don’t get yourself out there. Of course, there are specific tactics to expose yourself to the right audience at the right time. Marketing is the sharing, the posting, the events, the campaigns, the sponsorships, the presentations, and overall actions taken to make your brand known.


We won’t get into the argument of which one is more important. Often the two are so integrated strategically and tactically that it’s hard to say one comes before or is more important than the other. What’s most important is understanding that Branding and Marketing are equally necessary to reach your full potential as a company!


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