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Be a Meaningful Brand…We Mean It

How many times have you sat in a meeting with the sales team and/or marketing team and tried to brainstorm how your product or service is different than the competitors? Any of these terms ring a bell? Faster service, higher quality, personalized experience, state-of-the-art, unique, etc.

It’s all about product or service DIFFERENTIATION.

There are no arguments against the above statement’s importance, but oftentimes marketers of a brand focus more on SELLING the differentiating factor, than actually making sure they LIVE IT OUT. You say you are faster, higher quality, and unique…but do your past and current customers agree?


Trust, in the business world, is a result of the brand messaging lining up with the customer’s actual experience and interaction with the product or service.


Not only is trust a big factor in growing and maintaining a customer base, but consumers are increasingly becoming more interested in brands that can IMPROVE THEIR LIVES. If companies focus their efforts on improving the lives of their customers, they will become more meaningful in the eyes of their audience.

Take a look at the top 10 Meaningful Brands in the last year:
1: Google
2: Samsung
3: Microsoft
4: Nestle
5: Sony
6: Ikea (tie)
6: Dove (tie)
7: Nike (tie)
7: Wal-Mart (tie)
8: Danone
9: P&G
10: Philips

Take Nike for example:

nikeInstead of putting up another campaign of billboards with celebrities saying ‘Buy our shoes, they’ll turn you into a master runner,’ Nike+ actually helps makes you a better runner. That’s a constructive way to build a meaningful brand.” Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Labs featured in Smart Insights.


Or take IBM for example. Here are IBM’s values:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.59.16 PM

Now watch this minute long video they released:

Doesn’t this IBM campaign LIVE OUT what they value and what makes them different? Not only that, but doesn’t this IMPROVE lives too?


So…become a meaningful brand…live out what you promise and be sure to focus on improving the lives of your customers along the way! Need help? We’ve got you covered.


Source: Smart Insights

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