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April Fools Marketing- All Jokes Aside

Holidays aren’t going anywhere. You know when they are going to happen each year, what they represent, and a general insight into how the public responds to them. Christmas is December 25th, Valentines is February 14th, Halloween is October 31st, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, and April Fools is April 1st. These are just a few of the 150+ celebrated holidays in the United States. Same holidays, same days, every year.

So what does all of this mean for marketers? EASY CONTENT IDEAS! Holidays spark excitement in consumers. They represent relaxation, family time, gifts, and ultimate bliss! What better way to promote your company than to ride the wave that holidays create in consumers’ minds? The key is to tie your work into the season. Virtually every profession can be tied into a holiday theme. For example, when it comes to the end of year holidays

Ask yourself – what about your business is seasonal? If it’s nutrition, talk up a fresh angle on how to eat nutritiously during the holidays. CPA? Focus on important end-of-the-year planning you can do. Divorce attorney? Send a tipsheet on how to enjoy your holidays as a divorced person, plus 3 important legal matters you should attend to first of the year.

Our most recent celebratory holiday was April Fools Day. And many brands did it big this year.

What is a natural result of participating in April Fools Day marketing for your company? You are able to…

  • Build your Brand Personality: Running an April Fools’ prank can highlight that fun side and your brand’s sense of humor. Think of it as a “free hall pass” to have some fun!
  • Build Buzz: April Fools day is a social media sensation (#AprilFools was a top trending hashtag on Twitter). Hop on the trend train!
  • Capture Audience Attention: Humor works. It is a exciting and creative way to engage with your audience!

So, is all the effort worth it? Whether your campaign returns 300% more click-throughs or not, I think it is safe to say that providing your audience with entertaining, eye-catching, relevant content on a “silly” day like April Fools, can only benefit your brand in the long run!

Whether you utilize the next holiday in 2015 or wait until April 1st, 2016, start the chatter of holiday campaigns and start making a difference in your brand personality! Too intimidated? Hype Strategic can help!

Need some ideas on how to utilize the holiday buzz to your advantage? Here are a few ways to promote your company in alignment with the Holidays approaching.

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