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about us

“Design without thought is just decoration”As a “Creative Consulting Firm,” Hype Strategic focuses on high-end, comprehensive, strategic brand creation and marketing planning. Our mantra is “Thought-driven Design.” We’ve developed a clear process that helps our clients define their marketing goals, messaging, and audience, and then use that foundation of knowledge to build brands that do more than look pretty – they communicate to your customers and separate you from your competition.


about1“A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in a relevant way”Hype Strategic was founded by Patrick McDonough. A creative director and strategic marketing consultant with two decades of experience, Patrick and his team have won awards for brand creation, print advertising, web development, web design, video production, 3d animation, motion graphics, interactive multimedia, exhibit design, and more – proving that if you base design on thought and strategy, the medium truly doesn’t matter.

our vision


Create the perfect brand

This is a purposefully unachievable goal, but it’s what drives us to push further and delve deeper every day. It’s the reason we get up in the morning, and the reason we stay up late at night. It’s also the reason our work stands apart from so many other firms.


Organize the perfect plan

To really reach your marketing goals, it takes more than a great-looking brand - it takes a plan to put those items to work. A brand is more than your website, or brochure, or logo - it’s all of the different ways you interact and engage with your audience to define that single thought or idea in their minds. A BMW isn’t just a car, it’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” That’s what it means to have a brand, and it takes a focused, persistent campaign to connect all those dots.


Help You Succeed

The most important goal! We understand that for you, you’re brand isn’t just a project - it’s your future, your company, your career, your next raise,...your life. We take that responsibility seriously. There’s no bigger complement than hearing that your business is reaching new heights thanks to our help.