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5 Marketing Terms You NEED to Know- May


The language of marketing, as in most industries, can sound foreign to those not exposed to this area of business. Or sometimes as marketers, we hear a marketing term and are too embarrassed to ask someone what it means (because we definitely should know it!). Regardless of where you fall in the mix, we decided that each month Hype Strategic is going to share 5 MARKETING TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOW to keep you in the know and able to “walk the walk” and now “talk the talk.”

Here are 5 for this month:


Above the Fold

  • When you first open a website, it is what you see without scrolling down. Put your most important information or calls to action above the fold and easy to see and access.


  • Key Performance Indicators: Metrics you can use to track the progress of your marketing goals. Examples: cost of customer acquisition, click-through rates, etc.

Meta Descriptions

  • The content that shows up in a search result along with your website. It is what the customer should expect from your website. Make it less than 150 characters and jam-packed with your keywords.


  • Think of them as formulas that have a ton of variables that search engines use when they crawl through your website to decide how your page should rank in search result. They change periodically; so stay up to date on what is new and changes in SEO optimization.

Long-Tail Keywords

  • Search queries that contain three or more keywords. Instead of searching “Astros” you type in “Houston Baseball Team.” Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird likes these long keywords because it tracks user intent.


Now say them ten times fast, use them in a sentence, or write them over and over on a chalkboard…or just remember them…whatever works for you!


Source: HubSpot

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