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5 Marketing Terms You NEED to Know- June

The language of marketing, as in most industries, can sound foreign to those not exposed to this area of business. Or sometimes as marketers, we hear a marketing term and are too embarrassed to ask someone what it means (because we definitely should know it!). Regardless of where you fall in the mix, we decided that each month Hype Strategic is going to share 5 MARKETING TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOW to keep you in the know and able to “walk the walk” and now “talk the talk.”


Need to refresh your memory on last month’s terms? Here you go. 


Here are 5 for this month:


1) Content Curation

This is the process of sifting and sorting through the incredible amount of content available on the web and presenting it to your audience in a meaningful and organized way. In order for your inbound marketing to be successful, you have to create content that’s relevant to your buyer persona!  If you’re successful, you could find yourself becoming a thought leader in your industry! Cha-Ching! (PS- Be sure to not waste your time on BAD content)

2) Call-to-Action

Think of these as the “bait” that transforms your website visitor into a lead. CTA’s can take many forms (text link, button, image) and will typically encourage your audience to visit a landing page where they can enter their information and become a valued lead. They are very critical and when done correctly, improve your visitor-to-lead conversion, a great bragging area when it comes to showing your marketing effectiveness! Make those CTA’s honest, valuable, and enticing!

3) RSS

Stands for Rich Site Summary. It is basically a summary of different websites compiled into one feed. If you wanted to stay “in the know” of the latest industry trends, you no longer have to visit each individual website to read updated material! So you might over time have quite a few RSS feeds and Google Reader is a great way to keep those feeds in one place. Hubspot has recommended 3 other great options too!

4) A/B Testing

You use this testing when you are wanting to compare two variations of a single variable in hopes of determining the most effective marketing efforts. Examples include: changing up the subject line in e-mail marketing, variations in colors or wording on your calls-t0-action, switching up location of landing page on website.

5) Closed Loop Marketing

The ability to execute, track, and show effectiveness of marketing efforts on bottom-line business growth. This is a difficult task in a lot of industries and something we as marketers always strive to achieve. Tracking a website visitor as they become a lead and then a customer would be a great example of this term. Closed Loop Marketing helps you gain a sound understanding of what happens in the marketplace and enlightens you on how much your marketing investment yields new business growth.



Now say them ten times fast, use them in a sentence, or write them over and over on a chalkboard…or just remember them…whatever works for you!


Source: Hubspot

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