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3 Signs of a Great Advertising Agency

When it comes time for you to select an agency to do the brand creation, website, corporate I.D., SEO, advertising campaign, public relations, and anything in between for your company, pay attention to these three points that will separate an “okay” agency from a “great” agency. What you will find is, it’s not rocket science!

1) Custom Packaging

Picking an agency can be like buying a car. You walk into the dealership and want a certain body style vehicle in a certain color….only, you come to find out that the only color combination you want has a million other fancy features that you never wanted or needed in the first place! So, do you just walk away carless or do you spend extra money on unwanted things? Finding a good agency means they will work with you to help figure out what your brand needs and do just that. No extra add-ons that won’t benefit the brand. No two businesses are the same. They all need different marketing initiatives, so fitting them into a specific “package” can be difficult and not always in the best interest of the customer.

2) Regular Meetings

Everyone is busy. The calendar fills up faster than the number of days you have. With that being the case, it is important to schedule regular meetings with your agency. It’s a two-way accountability system: the agency needs certain things from you and you can make sure the agency is proving their worth during each meeting. Working with a local agency always makes this easier; however, it’s the 21st century and with Skype, Facetime, and conference calls- meetings are always feasible. The goal is to keep your brand momentum going constantly and gatherings assist in keeping the energy alive.

3) Working with Top-Level Management

As a business owner yourself (or head of your department), you take your job very seriously because it is your company (your baby) that is at stake. Leaving the brand development and growth in the hands of a stranger can be difficult and daunting. You ask questions like: “Do they really know what they are doing? Are they qualified? Is this a good idea?” A selling factor in an agency is having the ability to work with top management at the agency. They are the leaders in a company and you are the leader in your company: both passionate about doing well and growing their businesses. Typically larger agencies aren’t able to provide this luxury, and smaller agencies are: but always ask if meeting with the top level management is a possibility, you will find yourself breathing a sigh of relief knowing you are in good hands that care.


There are many other signs of a good agency, but we wanted to hold your attention through the entirety of this blog article-looks like we did it! In the end, all you need to know is the Hype Strategic team and our CEO, Patrick McDonough, are here ready to do custom work with your brand today!

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