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2016 Marketing Trends Inspired by Ferris Bueller


While not everyone would condone Ferris Bueller and his sneaky tactics to miss a day of school, he was speaking the truth when he said “life moves pretty fast.”

In the world of marketing, that means changes in trends, mediums, technology and overall ways to effectively reach your target audience. With January almost half way over, it is time to take a look at what marketing in 2016 will look like, and how to make sure you are putting the right plans in place. Let’s focus on the less “expected” channels for your marketing this year. Hubspot outlines 7 tactics that you need to pay attention to:


1) Make Friends with your Customers:

I bet if you logged onto your business Google Analytics account, you will notice that close to half of your website traffic is coming from smartphones. This year there will be about 2 billion smartphone users in the world. We are closer to our customers more now than ever, essentially right in their pockets. The ticket to utilizing relationship marketing effectively is making sure you’re in the RIGHT pocket. Targeting specific audiences (age, interests, geographic, etc.) allows you to focus your marketing techniques. No more “mass-target approaches.”


2) Marketing Automation:

Digital Marketing is extremely effective, but can be difficult to manage in a consistent, timely, and organized way. Insert “marketing automation.” No idea what that is? Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies that are specifically designed for marketing departments to more effectively market on various online channels like social media, websites, e-mail, etc.) It helps you automate your repetitive tasks (and makes your life easier).


3) Location-Based Marketing:

This refers to the ability to target users at the point of engagement. A great example of using location-based marketing is at trade show events when you want to advertise to potential customers at the show. There are technologies that makes this all possible, like iBeacon. “BLE Advertising is a one-way communication method. Beacons that want to be “discovered” can broadcast, or “Advertise” self-contained packets of data in set intervals. These packets are meant to be collected by devices like smartphones, where they can be used for a variety of smartphone applications to trigger things like push messages, app actions, and prompts.”


4) Social Search Engines:

If you think social media is confusing now, just wait until these platforms become search engines. The days of “Google, Bing, and Yahoo” dominating the search engine realm soon will be over. Facebook is working on their new search engine as we speak. The ability to search, make purchases, and chat is empowering these social platforms and if your company isn’t in the social mix- I think it is time. “Having this advanced search will bring a more integrated social experience that expands to the e-commerce realm.”


While 2016 will bring a whirlwind of changes and marketing trends, we just wanted to focus on these 4 (for now). Hopefully this article has created excitement and motivation for expanding your company’s marketing tactics for this year. Need help? We are always here for you, just an e-mail or phone call away!


Source: HubSpot

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